About The Marriage Behind the Blog

 Hi, we are Rachel and Ben, the couple behind 
Married Living with a Single's Budget!  
 Rachel is the writer, Ben is the tech and brains, and together, we are the experiences and stories 
behind all that is our blog.


Our journey of learning to live on a budget began when, after a few years of teaching post-college, I decided a change was in order.  I wasn't sure exactly what the change needed to be, but I knew that I needed time to explore new career paths and studies, and to see where God would lead from there.

That prompted the decision to go to seminary in the fall of 2011.  I have always wanted to go to seminary, and the exploration I had started on meant that I now had the time and opportunity to start something new.  I became a full-time student and decided to focus on Theology and Public Policy, while also receiving a scholarship to work at a non-profit organization housed on the seminary's campus.

The decision to go to school was exciting but also scary - it meant a lot of change for me, my routines, and my life with my husband, Ben.  We quickly had to start budgeting for one income.  We have had to change habits, subscriptions, end memberships, and adjust our expectations.  But we have also realized there can be joy and fullness in the simplicity of lessThis blog is a record of our continuing journey and what we've learned along the way.  It is also a resource for others who are embarking on a similar journey, or are finding themselves needing or wanting to live more simply and with less, joyfully.

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  1. Love the vision and the servant-hood behind it. Excited for the tips on marriage and living simply I have already gleaned, and for all that is to come!