Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Ideas for Repurposing Pillowcases

If you're like me, my pillowcases seem to be mismatched and a variety of hand-me-downs, with the exception of our nice pillowcases that match our best sheets, of course a gift from our wedding registry.  We love these sheets and usually wash them over and over again so that they're the sheets we (almost) always have on the bed.  So I already own several pillowcases that I just don't really use.  I love these ideas for how to re-purpose a pillowcase.

1- Keep your underwear under wraps.  
  • When traveling, no one likes to have their bag opened and have underwear laying out (or especially flying out!) in a crowded suitcase.  Tuck your intimates in a pillowcase so they are more discreetly packed for your next trip.

2 - Protect your dresses.
  • Cut a hole in the top of a pillowcase and slide it over a hanger for a DIY slipcover to protect your nicer dresses.

3 - Protect your small appliances from dust.
  • Slip a pillowcase over a sewing machine or other infrequently used small appliances that could collect dust in its crevices.

4 - Make lettuce last longer. 

5 - Make a child's smock.
  • Cut a large neck hole in the top of a pillowcase and two smaller holes in the sides for arms.  Gather the fabric between the neck and each armhole and tie with a ribbon to fit smaller shoulders.


  1. These are all great ideas! Especially love the paint smock and underwear ideas... a European pillowcase (being larger) might make an alright paint shirt for an older child or teen too... :)

  2. That's a good idea! I could almost use that for my messy days :)