Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling the Winter Blahs? Update your life without breaking your budget.

If you're like me (and this author), the long winter months can lead to restlessness and a desire to change, update, and reorganize.  These great tips from SavvySugar can help a frugal person beat the winter blahs by updating little parts of your life by reusing or repurposing what you already have.

Update Your Life Without Emptying Your Wallet


Every so often, I find myself feeling a little restless with some aspect of my life or another: my wardrobe, my apartment’s décor, my Friday night routine. The problem is, if I bought an entirely new wardrobe or redecorated my crib every few months, I’d be broke. So, I’ve come up with a few savvy ways to change things just enough without ending up penniless.  

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