Monday, February 6, 2012

Keeping Track of What's In Your Freezer

Keeping your freezer stocked with options is essential for having supplies for an impromptu dinner and for storing premade dough, leftovers, fruit for smoothies, and much more.

Over the summer I stocked our freezer with kale, tomatoes, and other veggies from our garden.  I also used it for saving meats from Ben's family and for storing meals I made ahead for busy nights during the upcoming semester.

Since that time, I've found it helpful to keep track of what we have in our freezer so that I know what I have to work with, and so that I don't overbuy.  I started by using a piece of notebook paper with a list of our freezer's inventory and hung it on our frig.  When we used something up from the freezer, we just grab a sharpie and cross it out.  This method worked but got a little sloppy with the quick scrawling and crossing out here and there.

Instead, I have begun to use this freezer inventory template from Organized Home.  It helps me to keep stock of what's in our freezer more neatly and visibly.  For each number of an item we have, I fill in the boxes with a small dot.  Once we use a serving, I cross out the box.  Once all servings of an item have been used up, I cross it out completely with a thick black marker.  Eventually, I'll start a new list to keep a clean record of what we have.

You can download a printable version of this freezer inventory for yourself here.

For more on organization for your kitchen, check out the tools at the 

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