Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giving While on a Budget

Though we normally think of giving money first, charities and local organizations can also use your time, used items and more.  Be creative - there are so many ways to give that are not only budget-friendly, but also meaningful and personally rewarding!

Volunteer your time.

Give away your things and share with someone else.

  • For clothing and general items, and Goodwill and the Salvation Army for clothing and furniture that you're cleaning out of your home (a great idea!).  Some charities collect specific items.  The chart below (from LearnVest) shows a helpful list of organizations that collect specific electronic and other items:
ItemWhere to Send It, I Love Schools, Recycles
Cell phone911 Cell Phone Bank, Cell Phones for Soldiers, American Cell Phone Drive
EyeglassesLions Club International, OneSight, New Eyes for the Needy
Suit Pants and Skirts, Blazers, Jackets, Blouses, Dress Shoes Dress for Success
CarDonate Car for Charity, Donate Car

* When it comes to taxes, remember that you can get a tax break on these donations if you itemize your deductions.

Give your health.

Giving doesn't have to be done only by those who make a lot of money - anyone can give!  Those of us who are budget-challenged can be even more creative in how we give, and can identify even more with the power of a generous act.

Challenge yourself to think about how you can give this week in some way!


  1. Great Post - went a total different direction than I thought you were going to!

    1. Thanks, Cody! Hope it was a good different direction....!

  2. This is a great post! I have totally caught myself asking "What can I give without giving money?" Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thankful my job allows me to look for opportunities to serve.

    1. Thanks Beth. It is a blessing to have a job that allows you those kind of opportunities!