Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving In, Starting New

This weekend we moved into a new house in our same little city.  It is amazing how much work goes into packing all your belongings up, and then how quickly it is time to unpack them all over again and find their new place.  It can be quite overwhelming!

Thankfully, we had so much help on our moving day.  Friends, family, and a big box truck showed up to help us move all our things in only 2 trips.  They stayed the day and helped unpack, rebuild, and settle us in, at least a little bit.

So much change is good, and even welcome, but it is overwhelming.  The sheer time it takes to feel settled again can be daunting, especially for someone like me who likes to know what to expect, how to plan for it, how long it's going to take, etc., etc., etc....  Change requires a degree of grace with yourself, the kind of grace you hope others will extend to you when you need it, the grace that you usually do receive.  Grace can be much harder to give to yourself, but it is an important lesson to learn, to embrace the messiness and change that is inevitably a part of real life.

I'm thankful for having to learn, change, and rethink our space.  We already love the home-y-ness of our new place, its much more open layout, and the chance to get rid of a lot of clutter we had accumulated in our closets, shelves, and in the nooks and crannies.  I would almost move just for the satisfaction of getting rid of the unnecessary and starting again with the revised list of what you want to live on.

I ask you, readers, to have grace with me as I try to balance moving in, resettling, schoolwork, and intermittent blogging.  I'm going to try to have that same grace with myself.

Pictures to come soon!

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